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D. LeRoy Sua, CEO
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Patient in Ganta Methodist Hospital in LiberiaChristmas & New Year's Funds:

     Holidays, especially Christmas and New Year are times of celebration and joy.  Yet, the joy that many people in developed societies experience are remote for people in communities like Ganta.  At the local hospital where the bulk of the budget is allocated to medications and medical supplies, many patients have little to rejoice at Christmas and New Year because they have not a present or meal to enjoy the celebration of the holidays. 

     Against this background, Sua Foundation, Inc. established a program in 2005 that provides funds for the hospital to host a Christmas and New Year’s dinner for all patients and staff at the hospital.  Our Country Director collaborates with the hospital administration to purchase the necessary ingredients for the dinner.  Patients and staff share the dinner.

Nurse in Ganta Hospital administering drip meds to patientMr Dax. P. Sua and Nurses at Ganta Hospital iin LiberiaMr Sua and some of the staff at Ganta Hospital in Liberia

From Left to Right Ganta Methodist Hospital Head Nurse, Mr. Dax P. Sua, tow other NursesGanta Methodist Hospital Acting Hospital Administrator David Vulu

Ganta Methodist Hospital
Acting Director, David Vulu

Mr. Dax P. Sua, Country Program Director with Head Nurse on Left and other Nurses in the Ganta Methodist Hospital in Liberia

Letter of thanks from Methodist Hospital

Slide Show of Christmas and New Years Meals being Enjoyed
by Patients and Staff at Ganta Methodist Hospital in Liberia

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Sua Foundation, Inc. 
6067 Stoney Creek Place
Lakeland, Florida 33811 

Sua Foundation, Inc.
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Sua Foundation, Inc. is a registered charity 501C(3) in the United States of America, and in Liberia we are registered as a nonprofit tax exempt organization.  We began simultaneous operations in both countries in November of 2005.  As a public foundation, most of our funding support is generated from public contribution.  We encourage donations and grants from public and private sectors.